Leading specialists

Kamil Cioch

Senior Associate | Attorney at Law

New technolgies & e-commerce

We provide dedicated legal advisory services in production, use and commercialization of new technologies, including software and cloud computing solutions. We provide comprehensive legal services dedicated to e-service providers, software houses and IT service providers and e-commerce companies.

We verify new technologies products, including online platforms, services provided remotely and mobile applications, from legal requirements perspective. We support with industry-specific SaaS, licensing, implementation and maintenance agreements.

We prepare and implement sets of legal documentation taking into account industry specifics and statutory requirements.
For entities in this sector, we offer comprehensive legal services also beyond industry-specific projects, particularly in the area of employment, personal data processing and intellectual property management.

The New technologies and e-commerce practice is headed by attorney-at-law Kamil Cioch, who has over 10 years of experience in providing legal services dedicated to companies in this sector.

Examples of MELD experts’ experience in the above-mentioned fields:

  • Preparation and implementation of procedures for the application of 50% of tax-deductible costs in about 25 entities: in IT companies, gamedev, in several IT departments of financial institutions;
  • Preparation and negotiation of cooperation contracts for software development and R&D work for an international capital group;
  • Preparation of a set of model contracts (general license terms, detailed license, implementation contract, maintenance contract) for an IT company developing business software for companies;
  • Negotiating an implementation agreement between the bank and a consortium of a consulting company and an IT company for software implementation and data migration;
  • Legal due diligence of a computer software development company;
  • Reviewing, amending and negotiating ERP software implementation agreements for an e-commerce start-up entity;
  • Drafting agreements for the creation of a website and software for an online shop, as well as the content of consents, terms and conditions and other legal content to be posted on the website;
  • Drafting and negotiating a joint-venture agreement for the development of an innovative technology between entities from three countries, preceded by advice at the conceptual stage and legal research of the technology to be developed;
  • Legal advisory on in-kind contribution of an enterprise of a software development company, including preparation of an enterprise transfer agreement;
  • Providing legal and tax opinions on contracts concluded in the SaaS model.