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MELD advises at all stages of the transaction, starting from signing pre-transaction documentation (e.g. LoI, NDA, letter process), through drafting and negotiation of transaction documentation (e.g. preliminary and conditional contracts), advice at the stage between signing the documentation and closing the transaction (including the application for consent to concentration), until the closing of the transaction. At the same time, MELD conducts full legal due diligence of the target company or target assets. At the client’s request, MELD can also provide – with the support of MELD’s regular associates – comprehensive service of the due diligence process covering not only the legal scope, but also financial and tax, and, if necessary, also the technical scope

MELD transaction services are provided applying the best standards of international law firms in which MELD partners have practiced. The experience of MELD experts involves both transactions carried out with the participation of professional investors and investments made by local and industry investors.

Examples of MELD experts’ experience in the above-mentioned fields:

  • Comprehensive legal advice on the sale of renewable energy investments by a Portuguese capital group | transaction value over PLN 220 million.
  • Legal advice on the sale of shares in logistics companies owned by industry investors and an American investment fund to a Polish state-owned company | transaction value approx. PLN 30 million.
  • Legal advice on the purchase transaction of a company that produces electricity in the waste to energy formula for a German capital group | transaction value approx. PLN 35 million.
  • Comprehensive legal support in carrying out transactions of sale of commercial real estate | transaction value approx. PLN 40 million.
    Legal advice on OTC transaction for the sale of a majority shares in a public company | transaction value over PLN 600 million.
  • Legal advice on the sale of a company producing computer games | transaction value over PLN 15 million.
  • Comprehensive legal advice on the sale of a producer of composite materials used in the production of means of transport | transaction value over PLN 50 million.
  • Legal advice on the purchase of a capital group from the metallurgical sector | transaction value over PLN 200 million.
  • Legal advice on the sale process of the company managing the commercial real estate portfolio | transaction value over PLN 180 million.
  • MELD experts managed over thirty legal due diligence processes in relation to enterprises from various sectors of the economy (mainly the energy sector, industrial production and the new technologies sector) and participated in dozens of other such processes (clients: Polish and foreign capital groups).