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Katarzyna Sadowska

Management | HR

Aleksandra Słowikowska

Management | Accountant

HR & Payroll

MELD Accounting Sp. z o. o, provides clients with comprehensive HR and payroll services.
We provide support in many HR and payroll processes. The range of offered HR and payroll services is individually tailored to the needs of each client. We care about timeliness and up-to-date activities in accordance with applicable law. We help minimize risks, support authorities during inspections and ensure constant communication.

We employ specialists and professionals in this field, focusing on the high level of services provided, who will take care of the service in this area with full responsibility and commitment.

As part of our services, we offer:

  • Comprehensive keeping of personal files and employee documentation.

  • Accounting for absences and working time.

  • Service of civil law contracts.

  • Payroll preparation.

  • Preparation of tax and settlement declarations.

  • Preparation of documents necessary to establish and terminate an employment relationship, change employment conditions and other requirements of the Labor Code.

  • Informing about the need to renew medical examinations, health and safety training, etc., due to their expiry date.

  • Determining the length of holiday leaves and recording their use.

  • Assisting and cooperating with the client in ZUS, PIP and Tax Office inspections.

  • Assistance with social security insurance.

  • HR consultancy.

  • Advising on settlements with employees.