Leading specialists

Kamil Cioch

Senior Associate | Attorney at Law

Gamedev / Gaming

We provide legal services dedicated to gamedev studios, publishers, and other entities from the gaming industry.
We are present at every stage of production and commercialization of the game, from its concept through production and financing to the stage of promotion and distribution.

We support clients in negotiating contracts, including the most important ones with publishers and investors. We verify and create the necessary documents and advise on intellectual property.
We prepare legal documentation appropriate for a given channel and the method of commercialization of the game.

Knowing perfectly well the problems and challenges faced by the industry, we take care to secure intellectual property rights to the results of our clients’ work (games, soundtrack, or marketing materials), both in internal relations (game designer, game developer and other staff or subcontractors), as well as part of cooperation between a publisher and a developer.
We also provide ongoing legal services tailored to the specifics of the industry, including commercial contracts, disputes, labour law, personal data protection, provision of e-services, tax reliefs or obtaining financing
We have gained experience in providing services to start-ups, indie developers, publishers, and leading development studios.
We combine service with our passion for intellectual property rights and innovation. We follow new regulations and trends in the industry at the national and EU level.

The practice is headed by attorney-at-law Kamil Cioch, who has over 10 years of experience in providing legal services for entrepreneurs.

Examples of MELD experts’ experience in the above-mentioned fields:

  • Preparation and negotiation of the publisher contract between the publisher and the development studio;
  • Preparing and negotiating a contract for the provision of marketing services related to the promotion of the game;
  • Verification, modification and negotiation of the contract for the production and porting of the RPG;
  • Preparation and negotiation of contracts with entities participating in the performance of the game, including the author of the script, composers and producers of the music track, performers;
  • Preparation of a set of contract templates with the staff of the development studio (for various forms of employment) tailored to the specifics of the industry;
  • Preparation of contract for the localization of the game;
    Preparation of a contract for a silent review of the game;
    Development of EULA to for the distribution of the game on a digital platform;
  • Verification of the mobile game for compliance with the provisions on GDPR;
  • Legal opinions on a computer game in terms of the possibility of using IP BOX.