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Ongoing legal services provided by MELD concern all legal affairs of the enterprise. Legal advice may cover in particular aspects such as corporate matters, drafting and negotiating commercial contracts, individual and collective labour law matters, including support in the implementation of employee capital plans (“PPK”), as well as intellectual property law and personal data protection matters. At the same time, MELD supports Clients in debt collection, as well as in administrative and court proceedings. As part of ongoing support, MELD also offers outsourcing of CLO (chief legal officer) functions or full service in selected legal areas.

MELD experts have extensive experience in providing ongoing legal advice to business entities from various sectors. As part of the ongoing legal advice, MELD experts focus on understanding the Client’s business and establishing relationships with its key personnel. Thereby, the Client is able to obtain legal advice in a quick and effective manner, as well as tailored to his individual needs.

Examples of MELD experts’ experience in the above-mentioned fields:

  1. Acting as an in-house lawyer in a fintech company that provides services to consumers and entrepreneurs in Poland and abroad.
  2. Ongoing legal advice provided to a local government company from the heating industry.
  3. Long-term performance of a permanent legal advisor duties in all significant legal areas for a group of companies from the automotive industry with Italian capital.
  4. Ongoing legal advice to one of the largest power and heating groups in Poland.
  5. Ongoing legal advice to companies from the HORECA industry.
  6. Long-term provision of legal advice for a Polish public company dealing in the production of means of transport.
  7. Long-term provision of legal advice for a company from the FMCG sector with German capital.
  8. Many years of providing ongoing legal advice for an electricity trading company.
  9. Acting as chief legal advisor for a computer software development company.
  10. Ongoing legal advice in the area of ​​personal data processing for a large Polish capital group from the energy sector.

Adam Jodłowski

Partner | Attorney at Law

Marcin Szczawiński

Partner | Attorney

Katarzyna Niedźwiadek

Partner | Attorney at Law

Agnieszka Oleszczuk-Sowa

Partner | Attorney at Law